Why Athletes Choose DonJoy Knee Braces

When your knees are your life, you want the best. When your knee is going through rehabilitation after a knee injury, you want the best. But most importantly, you want to protect and support the knee joint and a DonJoy knee brace will provide all the security you need.


DonJoy is a company that was started in a garage by a Philadelphia Eagles’ captain and a lawyer in 1978. In 1980, they released a 4-point knee brace that was an of off-the-shelf rigid support device. It immediately was in high demand. By 1995, they acquired a leading orthopedic soft goods company. In 2007 they became a privately held company still very much involved in the orthopedic industry. Today they are the largest orthopedic rehabilitation company, located worldwide and have more than 1,000 products. With their long history in the field, it’s no wonder they produced the best customized DonJoy knee brace.

Why the DonJoy knee brace?

Besides being the leading orthopedic rehabilitation company, the company offers customized DonJoy knee braces that are designed to protect the knee from further damage - especially the kind that can occur during contact sports such as basketball, football and hockey. The knee brace can also protect against re-injuring after surgery or rehabilitation process.  The manufacturing of their knee brace with its clinically-proven technique that provides durable support while designed to fit underneath sports uniforms and clothing.

Who wears a DonJoy?

Many individuals find themselves in the need of a knee brace following surgery or an injury and the knee requires support during the healing process. Professional players that are recovering from a torn ACL or MCL such as the New England Patriots’ Wes Walker, or Philadelphia Flyers’ Chris Pronger both are recovering with a knee brace. Larry Fitzgerald of the Phoenix Cardinals has a sprain and is wearing a knee brace. Even the Heisman Trophy winner, Mark Ingram, Alabama’s tailback wears a DonJoy knee brace.  Twenty-three out of the 25 NCAA football teams are supported and protected with the knee brace. The list goes on to include other professional sports personalities and many universities use the knee brace to protect their investment in their players.

So if you are recovering from knee surgery or have injured playing a contact sport, visit our web site and we can answer all your questions about our protective and supportive DonJoy knee brace or any other orthopedic devices. We can help, we support and protect knees of all ages and at every level.

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