Herniated Disc Symptoms: What to Watch Out For


Are you suffering from lower back or neck pain? Is the pain radiating to your leg or arm? You could be suffering from a herniated disc. In fact, many people have this condition without showing any of the herniated disc symptoms. So, they are unaware that they have a problem with their spine. Usually, the symptoms occur when the herniated disc presses on surrounding nerves. If this happens, the pain can be excruciating.

Herniated Disc Symptoms

Here are some of the symptoms that you should be looking out for.

  • Pain in the Arm or Leg: If you have herniated disc in your lower back, you will experience severe pain in your calves, thighs and buttocks. The pain also may extend all the way to your feet. On the other hand, if the herniated disc in the cervical (neck) region, the pain will radiate to your shoulders and arms. When you sneeze, cough or move your back to certain positions, you may experience a sharp shooting pain in your leg or arm.
  • Tingling or Numbness: When you have herniated disc, you will experience numbness or tingling in your arm or leg. If the nerves leading to your leg is affected, you will experience tingling or numbness starting from your buttocks and extending all the way to your thigh and ankle or foot.
  • Muscle Weakness: When herniated disc exerts pressure on the nerves that lead to muscles, those muscles can weaken. As a result, you could find it difficult to walk or have problems lifting and/or holding items.
  • Deep Muscle Pain: You can experience severe and deep muscular pain and spasm when the nerves leading to muscles are affected.

If you suffer from any of these herniated disc symptoms, it is time to seek medical attention. It also is prudent to remember, the symptoms can vary depending on which part of your spine is affected.

The Way Forward

Do not ignore the symptoms of a herniated disc. It can make your life painful and reduce your quality of life. It also can make it difficult for you to go about with your daily activities and tasks. Therefore, if you suspect you have herniated disc symptoms, consult a qualified doctor.

Seeking help early can reduce the chances of chronic pain and long-term muscle weakness. Today, there are many non-invasive therapies, such as spinal compression therapy and compression hosiery, which can help treat herniated disc and alleviate the symptoms. Remember, chronic and lasting pain can lead to depression and anxiety and also adversely affect your daily life. So, it is best to get the symptoms treated to lead a full and healthy life.

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