How to Correct Posture Problems

Posture problems have been becoming even more prevalent in today’s society with more and more desk jobs, more slouching, and even bad sleeping habits. Bad posture can account for so many different health issues, but the great thing is that many of these bad posture habits can be broken and reversed.

Health Concerns Associated with Bad Posture

Besides causing spine disorders such as scoliosis, bad posture can even cause other problems which include headaches, jaw pain, shoulder and back pain, reduced lung function, and even gastrointestinal pains. A bad posture can affect your health negatively in numerous ways which is why it’s so important to practice good posture. However if you already have posture problems, we can help you find out what it is and also how to fix it.

Correcting Posture Problems

There are many types of posture problems that can happen to your body, but the good thing is that there are always ways to correct these problems and reverse them from doing any more damage as long as you continue to be mindful of your posture. Here are several services offered at our rehab centre and how to correct posture problems:

Spinal Decompression Therapy
This is another word for stretching the spine. If you notice back pain in your spine, it’s possible that you have too much compression on your spinal discs. The way that our chiropractors will be able to alleviate this pain is to safely stretch your spinal disc, allowing protruded disc material to be pulled back into the disc. This helps to promote the movement of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids into the discs in your spinal cord to allow them to heal.

Are you experiencing anxiety, headaches, knee pain, sciatica problems, or muscular imbalances? Then acupuncture is a great way to alleviate all these things and more, further improving your posture. When you’re muscles aren’t so tight, it allows you to create a better posture for yourself. With acupuncture, a chiropractor will insert thin metallic needles into anatomical points on the body to use electrical stimulation to help restore and maintain health.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy
One of the things that contributes to bad posture is stiff muscles, especially if you’re been bending over a disk every day for your job. To help improve your posture and relax your muscles while increasing circulation and metabolism, a hot stone massage therapy might be recommended. The hot stones are placed at key points on the body to penetrate deep into the muscles, providing a beneficial healing experience.

Laser Therapy
Another way to reach deeper into the muscles of the body and free up the tension and stiffness that aids in bad posture is laser therapy. This is when light is exciting or activating the cells in the body, helping to improve soft tissue healing as well as relieving acute and chronic pain. On top of that, it improves blood circulation, stimulates wound healing, and can help with spinal pain, promoting good posture.

These are only just several of the services we offer at Chiro-Med Rehab Centre. Your posture can greatly improve when muscles aren’t so tight and stiff. When bad posture can contribute to a lot of health concerns, why wouldn’t you want to look into getting it corrected? Call to request your free consultation about how to correct posture with chiropractic help today!

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