Treating Lower Back Pain With Compression Hosiery


Lower back pain can often cause considerable interference with daily living, including the ability to work, to attend to daily errands, or to work out. Most adults will at some point have to manage back pain.

Fortunately, treating lower back pain has come a long way. One treatment that you might not have yet tried that is non-invasive, safe and easy, is simply waking up each morning and putting on a pair of compression hosiery.

How does compression hosiery work?

Compression hosiery can prevent swelling, decrease pain in the legs, and increase comfort level. The design of compression hosiery improves the blood flow in your legs by moving blood up the legs onward the heart through the application of very gentle pressure to the legs. The lowest part of the leg the stocking covers will have the most pressure, with the pressure easing towards the top of the leg.

The amount of pressure you feel and where will vary according to the level of pressure the stockings are made to apply and the length of the stockings, which ranges from full length to knee high up or top of the thigh.  The hosiery also comes in a variety of colors.

Why use compression hosiery for lower back pain?

An active lifestyle is often a key component to treating lower back pain and compression hosiery can help.

People with lower back pain report that when they wear it, standing is easier. For those lower back pain sufferers who report experiencing pain from leg vein problems, wearing hosiery means less pain and discomfort. Alleviating symptoms when you are standing can bring back more control over daily or work-related activities.

Lower back pain can also cause problems with your legs, like tingling in the lower leg, pain, or some degree of numbness. The hosiery can help to alleviate those symptoms directly and indirectly. Directly, the hosiery can help by increasing blood flow throughout the legs. This will reduce swelling and pain.

Indirectly, the hosiery can help you by making it easier for you to get moving every day. Getting up each morning and putting on the hosiery will help to ease pain from swollen or sore legs throughout the day, adding positivity and ease of movement into the day.

And for those of you who suffer with sciatica, there is some evidence to support wearing the hosiery to relieve the symptoms. The hosiery help with managing the pain if there are additional vein problems in the legs as well.

Where can you learn more?

Contact us to schedule an appointment with us to learn more about treating your lower back pain.

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